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2022 Total Tax Contribution

On 8 December 2022 we launched the 18th annual survey of the tax contribution of the 100 Group.

The 100 Group

2021 Annual General Meeting

On Monday 13 December we hosted our 2021 AGM, where we ratified our membership and the 2021 Annual Report was…

2021 Total Tax Contribution

On 30 November 2021 we launched the 17th annual survey of the tax contribution of the 100 Group. Download The…

The 100 Group

2020 AGM results

15 December 2020, Results of the 2020 AGM The 100 Group AGM took place at 8:30 on 15 December 2020…

The 100 Group

2020 Annual Report

15 December 2020, the 2020 Annual Report was approved at the 2020 AGM on 15 December 2020 Download a copy…

The 100 Group

2020 Total Tax Contribution

Total tax rate for UK’s largest companies at 10-year high prior to Covid-19, study finds. Total tax contribution of £84.1bn…

The 100 Group

Summer 2020 briefing: Covid-19 special edition

This year’s first Looking Ahead document is a little more retrospective than usual - summarising the significant number of changes…

The 100 Group

Spring update

The latest newsletter, including a summary of this quarter’s activity and a plan for forthcoming breakfasts, has now been sent…

The 100 Group

Update on committee members

The 100 Group is delighted to announce the appointment of Julie Brown (Burberry) and Jacob Stausholm (Rio Tinto) to the…

The 100 Group

Winter 2019 Briefing: Looking Ahead

The Winter 2019 Looking Ahead document has been published Download a copy here

The 100 Group

2019 Annual Review

5 December 2019, the 2019 Annual Review was approved at the 2019 AGM on 5 December 2019 Download a copy…

The 100 Group

2019 AGM Results

5 December 2019, Results of 2019 AGM The 100 Group 2019 AGM took place on 5 December 2019 at 18:00…

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