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Spring update

The latest newsletter, including a summary of this quarter’s activity and a plan for forthcoming breakfasts, has now been sent out to all members. 

Covid-19 has seen all businesses, irrespective of sector, size or location, face one of the hardest challenges ever known during peacetime.  The impact on the global economy is unprecedented and our members, along with thousands of other UK businesses, are at the forefront of this.

In response to Covid-19 the first priority for all our members is the safety and security of their employees, as well as that of the wider communities in which they operate.  They are working alongside local infrastructure to support the wellbeing of people and small businesses within the local communities, now as the pandemic unfolds and with a view to the altered life beyond. 

Beyond this, many of our members are working to redirect resources, raw materials and manufacturing to facilitate the fight against the virus – from vaccine development to the manufacture of protective gear for front line workers. 

The 100 Group is uniquely positioned to provide access to resources and business insight to Government, regulators and other stakeholders as we navigate these unprecedented times, and will continue to actively engage and extend this offer of assistance.  Alongside this, we continue to monitor regulatory, environmental and operational changes impacting UK business which are currently overshadowed in magnitude and urgency by the global pandemic. 


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